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Well, here we are, two months into 2021 already! It’s been an eventful time for everyone, to say the least. I had a terrific conversation with my husband regarding how no one exists if they do not have a Social Media Presence. He reminded me that my statement was false; that he has no Social Media Presence and he exists. So we talked about the online collective psyche for awhile. It was eye-opening to realize that with Covid quarantining, especially, so many of us “live” online – often at the cost of our “real” lives. So, what’s new in 2021 is that I have started spending an hour every day with one of the five grandchildren that live nearby. I have to say that watching and listening to a 3 year old navigate the world or doing science experiments with a 7 year old is infinitely more satisfying than attending yet another webinar about how to make $1,000,000 a month online, or watching another Sasquatch YouTube video. I fully intend to get back in the swing of my Grandma Mermaid videos and you can expect some harp videos, too, but I am happy to be reminded that the real world is just as real as the virtual one. Be sure to take a walk today and appreciate the natural beauty that is right outside your door!

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