Cherie gullerud

Arts Specialist

I love three fields: Theatre, Music, and Communication. Theatre has given me playwriting, acting, directing, costume design, and creating Children’s Theatre camps and plays. Music has given me singing, orchestra, conducting, songwriting, and playing the piano, harp and the rogue ukulele.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Communication has given me Public Speaking and teaching Speech and Debate in college and high school situations. A Masters of Arts in Teaching consolidated all of the above and lured me, among other teaching positions, into the satisfying role of private tutor; helping underprivileged students achieve success. From a parent: “Cherie teaches the student – not the subject.”

As an Arts Educator it has been a pleasure to share my passions in classrooms and in private lessons at the piano, harp, or on stage. My hard-working students have won contests, auditions and scholarships. This has been almost as thrilling as raising a family of four sons and two daughters with my husband, Eric. Now we have grandchildren, too!

As a music artist I write with friends all over the world – some for us, some for film and television. I am learning how to record, mix, and master music in my home studio and I love working out lyrics and harp parts. For years I have served in the Arts in my Church, as an organist, pianist, and the Cultural Arts Director for the Corvallis Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It was fulfilling to create a high school theatre program working professionally as a Costume Designer, what I love the most now is researching sea life and water folklore from around the world to share stories and songs in programs as Grandma Mermaid and on YouTube and Instagram.

  • Theatre Artist
  • Harpist
  • Singer Songwriter
  • Speaker