My New Music Adventure

Last year I signed up for Cathy Heller’s Six Figure Sync Songwriting course. I feared that it would be like so many other online courses I sign up for – where I get all excited but I don’t follow through. Not so, this one! Out of 365 people there were about 148 of us who were very active, tuning into the five plus hours of content every week. Most of us were musicians who were looking for other ways to market our music – thus, sync songwriting (sync music is found in movies, commercials, film trailers, and on virtual platforms).

What a surprise this whole things was! I made friends with people all over the world, and now we are writing and recording music together – virtually. I have a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and I am learning to record live instruments as well as using loops to mix and match various types of vibes and music. I hope I can list my first try here – a funk piece called MEAN GIRLS MIXDOWN. I wrote a Rap that was worked on by other hugely talented folk who knew a lot about what I didn’t know. Since February I have written or co-written 32 songs! They fall out of me almost daily now, and I want to start writing songs for others as a side business. What a lovely opportunity to have had during this time. I will be forever thankful to my husband and kids and grandkids (and to my Grandma Mermaid Guppies) for being patient with this “life diversion.”

The biggest lesson I learned from spending my Quarantine time on the computer: Your strengths can fill in what others’ weaknesses lack – and vice versa. Everyone has a voice, everyone has experience and can give content that matters. What a ride!

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